Let us help you keep your ride in tip top shape!

Our professional auto detailing will make your car look like a show car

Professional pampering for your auto on the outside, inside, and under the hood

Freitas Auto Detail is independently owned and operated in Connecticut by Fernando Freitas. When you leave your auto with us, you can expect professional care for your car inside and out, even under the hood. We are a full-service company. We go above and beyond washing and waxing. We take pride in restoring every square inch of a customer's vehicle as much as possible.

We use the latest techniques in auto detailing. We invest in the best vacuums, brushes, cloths, buffers and more. We are also very selective about auto care products. For example, what might be good for cleaning the inside of a windshield might not be the answer for a headlight on a high end sports car.

We are also the company to call when you need to get rid of an embarrassing odor or food and beverage stains. We have handled these problems many times and know which products work the best.  

Contact us today to get professional auto detailing at its best. You'll see what a difference we can make on your lights, wheels, glass, door jambs, dashboard, upholstery and whatever else needs special attention.

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Owner Fernando Freitas buffing a luxury auto
Fernando Freitas wants your auto to look like new.
The sky's the limit for top care for your auto at Freitas Auto Detail